The AMCC's dispute resolution services are available to all contracting parties, without any membership requirements. In addition to these services, the AMCC offers two categories of membership – contributory and non-contributory - for corporations and professionals in Barbados, the Caribbean and internationally. Membership is open to any person or body of good standing with a bona fide interest in international commercial arbitration or ADR, including lawyers, arbitrators, mediators, experts, academics, business persons, law firms and commercial and trading organisations.

Offering a wide range of membership benefits, the AMCC will work closely with its partners in developing the emerging ADR market in the Caribbean and marketing regional expertise to clients worldwide. 

Contributory members are further broken down as follows:

  • Class 1 - Legal practitioners 
  • Class 2 - ADR service providers 
  • Class 3 - Judicial officers, regulatory bodies and NGOs 
  • Class 4 - Chambers and associations 
  • Class 5 - Educational institutions 
  • Class 6 - Corporations and trade unions 

Why support us? 

The AMCC has been established not only to offer world-class ADR services to clients from a base in the Caribbean, but also to lead the regional market in terms of innovation in the field. Receiving no public funding, its activities are to be financed solely through service delivery, a short term loan facility and the support of its Members – a unique collaboration of Barbados, Caribbean and international businesses, professional firms, charities, local and national governments, academic institutions and trade and business bodies and associations.

Our Members offer us the opportunity to fund projects which aim to make a positive impact on both the cost and outcomes of conflict through research, innovation and development of pragmatic conflict solutions. The use and practice of ADR continue to grow regionally, albeit at a measured pace. The AMCC’s vision is to enhance this developmental drive by way of awareness raising, capacity building through training and accreditation, and offering solutions to ensure conflict efficiency both within organisations and when disputes escalate towards litigation. Ensuring a better overall business environment benefits all commercial enterprise within the region and we therefore look to our Members to support these positive initiatives. 

Members are entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings, and to make nominations for the AMCC Board of Directors. 

Further membership benefits include: 

  • Discounts on ADR services, training, conferences and events 
  • Free attendance at AMCC seminar and workshops 
  • Monthly breakfast briefings 
  • Quarterly forums 
  • AMCC news bulletins
  • Annual journal 
  • Member-only website portal (to be launched shortly) 
  • Listing on the online AMCC Directory of Members (to be launched shortly) 
  • Sponsorship / Partnership 
  • Marketing 

For more information about AMCC membership options and associated benefits, please contact us