Conflict Management


Offering detailed client and sector specific analysis and consultancy, the AMCC conflict management consultancy services are designed to impact intra-organisational efficiency and development. Working at Board level, with internal teams, key stakeholders and committees, the focus is on building conflict solutions as and where needed, including in-house analysis, workshops, training, one-to-one coaching, or a tailored mix of these options. 

The AMCC's conflict experts include arbitrators, mediators, coaches, negotiators and other professionals, from a variety of backgrounds and jurisdictions to offer our clients the best possible outcomes. For large volume employers or associations, the AMCC can offer the provision of dispute resolution schemes designed to suit the particular needs of the sector or the client. 

Costs for the AMCC's Conflict Management services are determined following a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements of the client, and in consideration of the work to be completed. Please contact us for further information.