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Construction Contracts Masterclass

  • Courtyard at Marriott The Garrison Historic Area, Hastings. Christ Church Bridgetown, Barbados BB15156 Bridgetown Barbados (map)

This one-day workshop explores the procedures and applications of the most commonly used standard forms in the Caribbean with a specific focus on the FIDIC Red Book. It uses Caribbean centric case scenarios together with extensive working exercises that encourage participants to use the knowledge taught in a real life context. In addition to putting the FIDIC Red Book in context with the other standard forms, the course also provides guidance on the contract documents that must accompany the standard form as well as the necessary requirements to ensure its successful use.

The session will be facilitated by Shan Greer, a leading regional Construction Arbitrator, Mediator and Lawyer, and the current Chair of the Caribbean Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb).

Fee: BBD $ 750.00 (includes lunch and snacks, course materials and certificate of completion).

Session #1 – Introduction to Construction Procurement  

The importance of construction procurement and its role in securing the successful completion of construction projects will be covered in this first half of the workshop. Key topics include:

  • the importance of understanding party needs and expectations as they relate to project scope, cost and time when negotiating commercial terms;

  • the types of risk that commonly impact construction projects;

  • the role of risk assessments in the successful procurement of construction projects;

  • the methods of procuring construction projects with specific reference to traditional, design/build, public private partnership and construction management; and

  • the types of standard forms frequently used in the Caribbean construction industry.  

Participants will engage in practical exercises that illustrate how to identify and categorize risk as well as choose between the standard forms currently available.  More critically, they will be given an opportunity to explore how risk is managed and the impact procurement method selection has on construction projects.

Session #2 – Role of Contracts

In the second half of the workshop, the role of contracts in identifying commercial terms as well as managing and allocating construction project risk will be considered.  Key topics include:

  • the pre-tender checks and securities that are used to avoid and manage risk;

  • the role and responsibilities of Employer, Engineer and Contractor under FIDIC Red Book;

  • the key considerations when completing the Contract Agreement and Appendix to Tender;

  • the importance of correctly identifying the parties and scope of works for a project, particularly when either of the parties is international; and

  • the calculation of delay damages, having regard to the applicable law.

Practical examples will be used to demonstrate the consequences to successful project completion when commercial terms are not adequately considered and recorded in the Contract.