Administered Arbitration

AMCC's International and Non-International Arbitration Rules offer clear procedural guidance for all parties and match closely all internationally accepted standards. 

In consideration of the best features of civil and common law systems, these Rules offer maximum flexibility for parties and tribunals to agree on procedural matters and allow the AMCC to work with the parties in a clear and efficient manner for the appointment of arbitrators, including the provision of expedited arbitration services for suitable cases. The Rules have been developed specifically to limit delays and tactical use of such delays, and further offer emergency arbitrator provisions, interim and conservatory measures, and allow tribunals to make decisions on matters such as their own jurisdiction as well as ordering security for claims and for costs. Joinder and consolidation of claims is similarly provided for and, in line with international best practice in arbitration, parties agree to waive their right to appeal the award. 

Finally, with a view to transparency and to allow parties to fully compute the likely costs for the arbitration, these are relative to the amount in dispute for most cases, with staged deposits to allow management of funds. 

Ad Hoc Arbitration

The AMCC may be called upon as the appointing authority only, or as the appointing authority and administrator, in arbitration, mediation, adjudication, expert determination and other ADR proceedings, conducted pursuant to the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) arbitration rules or other ad hoc rules or procedures agreed by the parties, whether for the purposes of nominating or appointing an individual, assisting with the administration of the process, or determining a challenge against any individual who has been appointed in such proceedings.

Please contact us for recommended clauses for adoption by the parties for these purposes, details of the AMCC administrative services offered and applicable charges.