As well as its commitment to the provision of the highest quality ADR services, as a not-for-profit institution and a centre for excellence in the field, the AMCC programs a number of international and domestic ADR training courses, workshops and events each year. An overview of these courses is provided below. Please check the calendar for the programs confirmed in the diary and for registration details. 

CIArb international arbitration training

The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) is one of the leading arbitration education institutions in the world and offers a a Pathways Programme in International Arbitration which covers the law of obligations, the law of arbitration, arbitration practice and procedure and award writing. Fast track assessment programmes are available for legal professionals with experience in arbitration. The AMCC works closely with the CIArb Caribbean Branch and the CIArb Barbados Chapter to diarise and host these courses every year. 

cedr commercial mediator skills training 

The Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) is a global leader in the field of mediation services and training. CEDR's five day Mediator Skills Training course is led by expert practitioners and covers the key skills and relevant professional knowledge required for the provision of commercial mediation services. The course includes assessment for CEDR Accreditation, internationally recognised as the standard of excellence in mediator qualification.

amcc adr Seminars & workshops 

The AMCC delivers a number of ADR seminars and workshops designed to match the needs of legal and commercial clients. The topics focus on arbitration, mediation and negotiation and offer professional education and training for lawyers, commercial managers, claims managers and HR professionals, from trainees to partners and junior to senior management. Attendance is free for AMCC members and the workshops range from breakfast briefings, half-day events to one-day courses. Please refer to the calendar for details of upcoming events and registration. 

Seminar and workshop topics include: 

  • Introduction to Arbitration 
  • Arbitration in Practice 
  • Arbitration Advocacy 
  • Introduction to Mediation 
  • Mediation in Practice 
  • Mediation Advocacy 
  • Drafting ADR Contract Clauses 
  • Effective Negotiation 
  • Risk Analysis for ADR 
  • Managing Emotions 
  • Difficult Conversation 
  • Conflict Styles 

We can also deliver bespoke seminars on sector specific, process specific or client specific issues. Please contact us directly with any enquiries.